American flag waving

Meet Angela FAM for Assembly

Angela Fam is a former small business entrepreneur and now a stay-at-home mother, who currently resides in East Brunswick with her loving husband and three children.


Angela is the daughter of two immigrants who worked multiple jobs to provide for their family and ultimately achieve their American dream like many residents in our district. She always admired her parent’s hardwork and dedication, and is forever grateful to them for their sacrifices. As a mother, she realized the need to create a better tomorrow for her children; they are the primary reason she decided to run for office.


Angela recognizes the dangerous path district 18 and the rest of New Jersey has begun approaching and she is stepping in to make a concrete, positive impact to reverse course.


New Jersey suffers from the highest property taxes in the nation and is becoming unaffordable for future generations of New Jerseyans and, more specifically, small business owners as she is one herself.


Most importantly, the political indoctrination infiltrating our schools’ curricula has left Angela feeling that she can no longer sit back.


Angela is ready to stand up for the citizens of District 18 and be your voice and force for change for the better.